Fish Processing

Now that you’ve caught your haul, it’s time for us to prepare your catch for the journey home. We offer a high-quality professional service that will skillfully gut, fillet, vacuum pack and flash freeze your catch. When you reach the shore, all you need to do is celebrate and relax!

Preparing Your Catch

All of the processing done throughout your trip is handled by the experts at Hardy Buoys in Port Hardy. Their team of professionals will take all the steps required to gut and fillet your catch with precision and minimal waste. You can guarantee that your catch will be prepared in a professional manner, allowing you peace of mind throughout your stay.

Packaging Your Catch

Once your catch is processed, the team at Hardy Buoys will vacuum-seal your fish in high quality, strong vacuum-sealed bags. The packages can then be frozen overnight or flash frozen. For longer travel, Styrofoam coolers and gel packs are provided to keep your catch fresh. The packaging process will additionally accommodate air travel weight specifications upon request.


Contact us to book your fishing adventure today and be entered for a chance to win one all-inclusive day of fishing. This day of fishing will be added on or deducted from your reservation total.

Your One Day Adventure will Include:

  • A full 10 hour day of fishing
  • Bountiful fishing locations
  • Up to 4 people
  • Top of the line gear & bait
  • Spacious Kingfisher boat
  • Premium fish processing & packaging
  • Overnight accommodations
  • All-inclusive food & beverages
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