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Fishing Tours

When is the best time of year to book a North Vancouver Island fishing tour?

Our peak operating season is from June 1 through to September 5. Many species of fish are predominantly present throughout different months of the fishing season, offering different tour experiences month-to-month in addition to having highest retention limits on the BC Coast. More information on the North Vancouver Island fishing season can be found here.

What is included in my trip?

Our packages include day-long fishing excursions, three freshly prepared meals daily, plus snacks and appetisers before dinner, private waterfront lodge accommodations with an open bar, a service that professionally prepares and packages your daily catch as well as travel provided to and from the Port Hardy Airport for air fairing guests. More information on our fishing charter packages can be found here.

What additional expenses should I consider?

Guests should additionally consider the cost of a fishing license, required by all members, as well as travel expenses for transportation to the Lodge by land or air. View our required and recommended checklist items here.

A member of the group isn’t interested in fishing, what other activities are available?

We offer an all-inclusive guest experience at the North Shore Lodge, with several upscale amenities outside of the fishing tours. Our hot tub and fire pit are great places to relax at the Lodge, along with the open bar on the lower floor. Port McNeill also offers an opportunity for guests to shop, explore and engage with the northern island lifestyle. Read our list of things to do in Port McNeill to learn more.

North Shore Lodge Accommodation

Will we be sharing the Lodge with other guests throughout our stay?

No. The Lodge is your private accommodation throughout the duration of your trip. All of the Lodge’s amenities are yours exclusively to enjoy. Only the upper floor is closed, as this area is reserved for staff.

Are gratuities included for our guide and lodge staff?

Gratuities are a reflection of how you have enjoyed your trip, accommodations and  dining experience. You can add gratuities to your room charges at the end of your trip and pay  using a credit card. Gratuities are not necessary, but always greatly appreciated.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 50% of a non-refundable deposit upon booking, but it is transferable to another date with 60 days notice of cancellation, either later that season (subject to availability) or the next season.

Port McNeill

Where is Port McNeill?

Port McNeill is a quaint town on the northern end of Vancouver Island, two hours north of Campbell River, BC and five hours north of Victoria, BC.

How do I get to Port McNeill?

Travel to Port McNeill can be done by road or by air. The town can be accessed by road along Highway 19 North, and while Port McNeill does not have an airport, we provide a complimentary ride for guests that arrive via the Port Hardy Airport. Learn more about getting to Port McNeill and travel further details here.

What is there to do in Port McNeill?

The historic community of Port McNeill is home to stunning natural beauty and amenities for those looking to explore the Vancouver Island lifestyle during their stay. Explore our list of recommended activities in Port McNeil.

Fishing in North Vancouver Island

What weather can I expect on my trip?

The weather in North Vancouver Island is unpredictable. Temperatures during our season typically hover around 17°C, but can vary between highs of 26°C and lows of 11°C. It’s important to be properly prepared for all conditions. View our recommended packing list here.

What fish can I expect to catch?

Guests can look forward to catching five species of BC Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod, Crabs and Prawns throughout the fishing season. Learn more about Vancouver Island fishing here.

What are the daily fishing limitations?

The daily fishing limitations in BC are regulated to 4 Salmon (two may be Chinook), 3 Lingcod and 1 Halibut under 133cm or 2 under 90cm. More information can be found here.

Where will we be fishing?

Our fishing area is located within BC Tidal Areas 11, 11-1, and 10.

Can I bring fish home?

Yes, once you’ve reeled in your catch, we partner with Hardy Buoys Smoked Fish Inc, who provide a professional fish processing service that will vacuum-seal your fish in high quality, strong vacuum-sealed bags. The packages can then be frozen overnight or flash frozen. For longer travel, Styrofoam coolers and gel packs are provided to keep your catch fresh. Learn more about our processing process here.


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  • Premium fish processing & packaging
  • Overnight accommodations
  • All-inclusive food & beverages
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